Available L'Enfant Secret by Philippe Garrel!!!

RE:VOIR is proud to announce the release of one DVD with feature film by Philippe Garrel

Four chapters based on the birth of a 'secret child', or a film, with chapter titles: "La séction Césarienne" (Caesarian section: a descriptive detail introducing the mother); "Le dernier guerrier" (the last warrior: how the father sees himself); "Le cercle ophydique" (the serpent's closed circle: the couple reunites at the psychiatric ward); "Les forêts désenchantées" (unfairy forests: the film in the making).

L'ENFANT SECRET, Philippe Garrel, 35mm, b/w, mono, 95' with Anne Wiazemsky, Henri de Maublanc, Xuan Lindenmeyer, Cécile Le Bailly, Elli Medeiros and a booklet of 44 pages with texts from Serge Daney, Philippe Garrel, Thomas Lescure.