Amy Greenfield - Light of the Body 2004 (video excerpt):
(DVD) 23,00 euros

1. "Storyville Memory"
2. "Downtown Goddess"
3. "Dark Sequins"
4. "Light Of The Body"
5. "Wildfire"
6. "Club Midnight"

CLUB MIDNIGHT is an evening of interconnected cutting-edge films, with cabaret stars Andrea Beeman; Bonnie Dunn; Francesca and Selene Savarie revealing themselves, body and soul, in a new nakedness, joined with spirituality and intelligence.

"The six films that make up CLUB MIDNIGHT, are challenging and exhilaratingly sensual, all inspired by the empowerment and expressiveness of erotic dance (to) the music of Philip Glass, Einsturzende Neubauten, and Lee Hazlewood, Dennis Hopper interpreting a poem by Poet Laureate Charles Simic (from which the film cycle takes its title), and (Amy Greenfield's) inspired digital and analog manipulation . . . CLUB MIDNIGHT is a postmodern romp through a neo-feminist party."
– (GM), flavorpill.com

"Female empowering! Cutting-edge film and raw performance art."
– Hot Pick of the Week, Vince Musetto, New York Post

" 'Dark Sequins' fractures and layers shots of a dancer's naked flesh, her whipping red hair, and the sequined garments she sheds . . . film magic."
– Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

" 'Light of the Body' is especially remarkable in that it manages to remain a film of the beauty of illuminated nudity – no sexual manipulation. Bravo!" 
– Stan Brakhage, filmmaker

"A surreal masterpiece. The beauty rises to a level of intoxication, thus making ('Wildfire') direct in its reconciliation of poetry and motion."
– Keith Wigdor, judge, Williamsburg International Film Festival

"In 'Club Midnight' the body in movement is a vessel of energy and meaning, a political act. Erotic dance becomes a powerful affirmation of conscious self and free thought, against the standardization of body and mind we live today." 
– Vittoria Maniglio, University of Rome