Deux tires Maurice Lemaître maintenant disponibles/Two new Maurice Lemaitre DVD titles now available

REVOIR is happy to add two new DVD titles of Maurice Lemaître to our catalog
Films imaginaires is a collection of 5 short film works :

AU-DELÀ DU DÉCLIC (10 mins, 1965-78, 16mm)
UN NAVET (31 mins, 1975-77, 16mm)
FILMS IMAGINAIRES (30 mins, 1985, 16mm)
FIN DE TOURNAGE (27 mins, 1985-90, 16mm)
L’AYANT-DROIT (22 mins, 1991, 16mm)
DVD available here : https://bit.ly/391p2Y3

DVD and Blu-Ray combo of LE FILM EST DÉJÀ COMMENCÉ ? (1951) Digital Restoration master made by Light Cone and the CNC
bonus : PORTRAIT OF MAURICE LEMAÎTRE by Pip Chodorov (2004, 15 min, 16mm/DV)

DVD/Blu-ray combo available here : https://bit.ly/32tID0h