Bruce Baillie (born in 1931, Aberdeen, South Dakota) is an American experimental filmmaker and founding member of Canyon Cinema in San Francisco. in 1961, Baillie, along with Chick Strand and others, founded San Francisco Cinematheque.
Bruce Baillie est un cinéaste américain né à Aberdeen dans le Dakota du Sud (États-Unis) en 1931.Il est un des membres fondateurs de la coopérative de distribution Canyon Cinema et de la cinémathèque de San Francisco.

BRUCE BAILLIE - VOLUME 1 (75,00 euros)
Silent portrait-poem of a friend from an image on waking. Similar complex technique as employed in Castro Street.
Requiem mass dedicated to the Lakota (Sioux), earlier inhabitants of the filmmaker's place of birth in South Dakota.
Valentin de las Sierras
Filmed in the State of Jalisco, Mexico, with macro-telephoto lens. Minimal tools, borrowed tape recorder & edit equipment, zero budget. Won Golden Gate Award, San Francisco.
Castro Street
Light, color and sound of a street in Richmond, CA, SF Bay Area. "-reminding us of the environment and spiritual origins of technology, reconnecting us…" U.S. Library of Congress Film List.
All My Life
Caspar, CA, in the days of kites and roses! A single, continuous shot, documented last roll 16mm Ansco Color film. Titled from the song, inspired by the light, the blue sky and red roses along an ancient Celtic fence.

Screening Room with Bruve Baillie (YOUTUBE video):

BRUCE BAILLIE - VOLUME 2 (75,00 euros)
Bruce Baillie's (…) Quixote (1965) stands alongside other synoptic 60s masterpieces such as Stan Brakhage's The Art of Vision and Peter Kubelka's Unsere Afrikareise, which use dense collages of diverse images in an attempt to make sense of a troubling world. In Quixote wild horses and a basketball game are part of a cross-country trip that ends with an antiwar demonstration in Manhattan. Baillie says he's depicting our culture as one of conquest, but his film's greatness lies not in its social analysis, which can seem as simpleminded as equating businessmen with pigs. Rather it's in the way his superimposed and intercut images float almost weightlessly in space, creating a hypnotic sense of displacement that lets us see beyond aggression.
Fred Camper - chicagoreader.com

BRUCE BAILLIE - VOLUME 3(75,00 euros)
QUICK BILLY, the experience of transformation between life and death, death and birth, or rebirth in four reels.